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Comprehensive and Integrated solution providers to industries
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Welcome To Motive Mena

Comprehensive and Integrated Solution Provider To Industries 

Motive Mena was established as a company specializing in supplying top-notch industrial products to a wide range of industries and with special focus on Oil and Gas Industry. Our reputation as the top choice supplier stems from our remarkable ability to secure high-quality products at competitive prices. 

Our management team boasts more than 15 years of collective industry experience within the MENA region, enabling us to offer invaluable insights and recommendations during our customers’ decision-making processes. This, in turn, empowers our customers to make well-informed choices when it comes to their purchases. 

We take pride in being a 100% customer-focused organization, committed to delivering the best value for your money.

Industries Served

Strategic OEM Partnership

Brands Snapshot

Product Portfolio

“With a diverse product lineup serving various industry segments, our seamless logistics guarantee solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction.”

Strength's - Motive Mena

Leadership’s Market Expertise in Oil & Gas, Refineries & Petro-Chemical, Power Stations, Heavy Industry, General Manufacturing, Local Wholesaler & Retail Market of Iraq – 10 Years plus, Kurdistan, UAE, Egypt, Oman & Bahrain.
  • Broad and Wide Industry experience & legacy
  • Wide Product Spectrum and Range
  • Flawless client service and support backed by dedicated team
  • Sourcing and Procurement Specialists
  • Competitive Price Prepositions
  • Time bound and committed delivery schedules
  • Global Broad-based Suppliers Partnership
  • Outsourcing Specialists
  • Committed to quality and reliability